Monday, 14 May 2012

A Fortnight of Firsts

This is an older pic seeing as we were too busy celebrating

So it's been about two weeks since my last posts and Chloe's been a busy little Bee. Chloe had her first Church friends come over and play (Orianna and Kenzi) which was a lot of fun, Chloe pushed herself onto her knees for the first time and we'd have all been very excited about that had it not been for the fact that Chloe stood up in her crib all by her self the day before!! We're thrilled about this because even though Chloe is now on the full dose of her medication (Sabril) she's still having clusters of spasms. They're not daily as they were before or as intense and we went almost ten days without any but now it seems as if her little body is adjusting to the dosage. Thankfully Chloe has her EEG in 2 days and we get to meet with her Neurologist, Dr. Sell, a little later on that day. We're praying that the Doctors will see an improvement in Chloe's brain activity but with Chloe continuing to be vocal (VERY vocal :p), playful and as she continues to hit developmental milestones we're not nearly as freaked as we would have been weeks ago.

Kev's still annoyed he hasn't been yet
On May 6th Chloe and I went to meet up with friends, Tara and Ferrell, at Parliament to support Tara in her quest to have a Royal Commission called into the Robocall Scandal. I wasn't too sure what to expect, considering how all the protests I've been hearing about have all pretty much ended up in a riot. However once I got to Parliament Hill, I could see there wouldn't be any problems. The small band of protesters were peacefully going about their demonstration and not antagonizing the extremely large group of OPP and RCMP. In fact I'm pretty sure there were more police officers then protesters, at least by the time we got there. Then off to Ikea to pick up some items that ended up in a reunion with an old friend and one crazy game of car Tetris. A highlight was the very sweet compliments Chloe got on her outfit, which was a gift from Tante Becky.

And last but not least: Chloe and I celebrated our very first Mothers Day! It was a fantastic day, incredibly relaxing. Kevin and Chloe got me a popcorn maker to replace the one I sadly killed a few years go. I can't wait to use it.

Image © Taken by a great photographer friend, Jon

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  1. OMG that is the cutest picture EVER at the bottom of this post! And I'm glad to hear that even though Chloe is still experiencing spasms that they aren't as intense or as frequent as before. It was great to see you both in Ottawa and I will keep you guys in thought & prayer!