Sunday, 3 June 2012

Movin' Right Along

So it has been just over a month since Chloe has been given the diagnosis of Infantile Spasms and as all things time just moves along. Chloe is still on Sabril but we've seemed to have hit a wall of sorts. She's still having the spasms but some days they're nothing more then a chin quiver and some days they're full body ones. Sporadically we get a day with out a single one but those are few and far between. Chloe's doctor at CHEO (Dr Sell) is having us monitor Chloe for another week before he makes his decision regarding putting her on Prednisone. I've been doing some reading and I'm still pretty unsure as to where I stand on this. A lot of pages are saying that though Prednisone is a intense drug, it is incredibly effective. It also has a lot of tense side effects. 

I guess I'm just rambling at this point. 

No use getting worries till the doctor tells us what's the what so... SWITCHING TOPICS...

Such a proud Pépère
Chloe has had an interesting month. On May 20th she got to meet her Pépère Dan (Kevin's dad) for the first time. We only had a day so we drove up to Sudbury to see Dan and sadly had to drive back home the following afternoon but it was so worth it. We're planning on having a Meet Chloe BBQ for Kevin's family sometime in August or July. It'll be nice to see everyone again!

Tickets, Tickets please...
On May 18th we found out that Chloe's Opa (my father) Craig had suffered another massive heart attack so on May 22nd Chloe and I hopped a VIA Rail train and traveled to St. Catharines to see him. Thankfully he is back home and resting after having another stent procedure. The bright side to this was that Chloe and I got to come up a few days earlier then we had planned which meant we got in lots of visits with Grammy, Papa, Grandma and Papa Raimondo, Oma & Opa and even Aunties Margie and Lindsay. 

We also got to visit a few friends who we normally miss when we're in town. Chloe got to meet her great, great Uncle Louis and Aunt Roxy which was great, she spent quite a few days just lazin' about poolside and even took her first trip to Niagara Falls. All in all I'd say she had a nice visit.

Surprise visits are always fun!

Next up is Chloe's first birthday... Stayed tuned <3

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  1. On the Prednisone front, don't stress yourself over the drug. Honestly. If Chloe needs it to get better than she does and it's a safe drug for children but obviously there are potential side effects with any drug and any human being. Also this Dr treats kids for a living and wouldn't give Chloe something he knew wasn't good for her and he also will give her the lowest dose possible. Don't stress. :) But cross that bridge when you get there. Oh and hey I might be going on Prednisone too! Take it easy, all 3 of you guys!