Saturday, 3 November 2012

Trick or Treat

Do you know what October 31st was... Other then the end of the month... Other then Halloween, Other then the 129th day since Chloe has had a spasm?? 

It was Chloe's LAST morning of meds. 
Last dose!!

That's right, Chloe-Lee is absolutely, 100% medication free!! We are so incredibly happy about this (Kev might have cried...) The journey that started back in May with Sabril has come to an end. We are so grateful for the positive thoughts and prayers that have been sent our way. It's almost as if we have a completely new baby. In 2 weeks Chloe has just steamrolled over milestones like crawling, pulling herself up consistently in her crib, making more word-sounds. We're so excited to see what comes next. We have had to organize a meeting with a Child Development counselor but I go into this appointment with the confidence that Chloe will begin catching up. It also helps that within the past few weeks we've joined the Toy Bus (where she interacts with kids her age), a Mother Goose program that's been teaching us songs and rhymes that help with development and another group to help connect more with Chloe.

Happy Halloween

We are so, so thankful for how far Chloe has come and can't wait to see what comes next!


  1. YAY! So happy to hear that you've finally made it to med free territory! We all knew that this day would come and so glad it has. And isn't she just a cute little Lion.

  2. This makes my heart SO HAPPY! She is looking great, and it sounds like she's doing great in hitting milestones too! I can't wait to hear for the one year celebration of being spasm free :) Love you little girl, keep up the good work! -Beth

  3. this is so wonderful :) God the great healer!